Dreaming of an unforgettable vacation ?

Looking for a getaway ?

A fan of wide-open space and nature ?

Tadoussac is here for you.

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Leaf through our 

digital Inspiration Booklet 

to plan a successful trip.

is an inspiration booklet for an unforgettable vacation.  

Personalized Inspiration,

dreamy Discounts and

Surprises to be won.

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Circuits and Attractions

We have prepared circuits that include attractions to please you depending on your profile.

Adventurer, family, relaxing, nature loving, whale enthusiast, you will find something that suits your style.

There is so much to do here.

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Discount coupons

The booklet includes 

over $425 in discounts. 


Visualize discounts that apply to some forty activities, boutiques, restaurants, lodging and other local businesses.

You get a taste for it!

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Your stay in Tadoussac with Discover Tadoussac gives you a chance to win one of five prizes with a combined value of over


Details of the the various prizes are listed below on this page.

Why an inspiration booklet? 

  • Do you dream of an incomparable vacation destination?

  • Do you appreciate good ideas for vacation activities?


  • Would you like these activities to square with your personal interests and preferences?

  • Would you like to pay less during your vacation?

  • Wouldn’t it be great if your vacation activities increased your chances to win one of the five grand prizes?



is here for you.

The digital version will enable you to discover the third busiest international tourist destination in Quebec. Organize and prepare your entire stay in Tadoussac according to your own interests and preferences and in accordance with proposed circuits and attractions and discounts offered.

The paper version of Discover Tadoussac allows you to take advantage of the discounts offered by forty local merchants. It also allows you to participate in the draw. You could win one of the five grand prizes with a combined value of over $4,300.

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Obtain your paper version of the Discover Tadoussac booklet right now for 

only $5.*

Pay now and claim your inspiration booklet at the Maison du Tourisme de Tadoussac upon presentation of your sales receipt.

* GST and QST included.

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Over $425 of DICOUNT offered at: 

  • Au Cachalot Caché le gîte hôtel
  • Auberge de jeunesse de Tadoussac Youth Hostel
  • Auberge La Merveilleuse
  • Auberge Maison Gagné
  • Boutique de l'Anse à l'Eau
  • Boutique de l'Artisan
  • Boutique Hôtel Tadoussac
  • Boutique La Malécite
  • Boutique La Marée et 
  • Boutique La Petite Marée
  • Boutique Nima
  • Bistro de la Baie
  • Café Bar Le Gibard
  • Café l'Abri Côtier
  • Marine Mammal Interpretation Center (CIMM)
  • Domaine des Dunes
  • Chez Mathilde Bistro
  • Chocolaterie artisanale Cétacébon
  • Tadoussac Club Golf
  • École de voile de l'Estuaire Sailing School
  • Gîte au Vieux Pommier
  • Gîte du Goéland
  • Gîte Entre Terre et Mer
  • Hôtel Georges
  • Hôtel Le Pionnier
  • Hôtel Motel Le Béluga
  • Hôtel Sous la Croix
  • Les Savons de l'atelier Soap Works
  • Marina de Tadoussac
  • Motel Chantmartin
  • Pause Bonbons Crémerie
  • Restaurant Chantmartin
  • Restaurant L'Auberge du Lac
  • Restaurant La Bolée
  • Restaurant Le Bateau
  • Robin BBQ
  • Sculptures G. Hovington
  • Vélo E-Go

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Five Grand Prizes to be Won

Over $4 300 in prizes !

More details about prizes and rules here.


For two. Valued at $1 173.

VIP Lounge

Whale-watching Cruise

Whale-watching cruise in the St. Lawrence VIP Lounge aboard the AML Grand Fleuve with Croisières AML ,

a two-night stay at the  Au Cachalot Caché le gîte hôtel,

a meal at Le Coverdale restaurant,

along with a few other surprises...


For four.  Valued at $1,161.

18-hole Round of Golf with Friends

A round of 18 holes of golf with two golf carts, followed by a drink at the 

Club de Golf Tadoussac,

a two-night stay with view onto the St. Lawrence at Domaine des Dunes,

one hour of electric bicycling with

Vélo E-Go,

along with a few other surprises...


For two adults and two children.

Valued at $1,066.

Family Zodiac

Whale-watching Cruise

Zodiac whale-watching cruise with Tadoussac Autrement

a two-night stay at chalet des Noisetiers,

along with a few other surprises...


For two.  Valued at $595.

Sailing Initiation Cruise

Sortie d'initiation à la voile de 5h30 avec l'école de voile de l'Estuaire,

une nuitée à l'Hôtel-Motel Le Béluga

et autres surprises...


For two.  Valued at $481.

Paddle Boarding in Tadoussac Bay

Paddle boarding in Tadoussac Bay with Mer et monde écotours,

one-night stay at Auberge Maison Gagné,

along with a few other surprises...

Get your Inspiration Booklet below

Or at the following accommodations:

  • Au Cachalot Caché le gîte hôtel
  • Auberge de jeunesse de Tadoussac Youth Hostel*
  • Auberge La Merveilleuse (transactional site only)
  • Auberge Madeleine Fortier
  • Auberge Maison Gagné
  • Chalet de la Montagne
  • Chalet des Noisetiers
  • Chalet les Parulines
  • Chalet Tadou-Shack
  • Domaine des Dunes*
  • Gîte au Vieux Pommier B&B
  • Gîte du Goéland B&B
  • Gîte Maison Harvey&Lessard B&B

  • Hébergement Le Bateau
  • Hôtel Georges (réception et site transactionnel)
  • Hôtel Le Pionnier*
  • Hôtel-Motel Le Béluga (in cash only)
  • Hôtel Tadoussac* (at the boutique)
  • La Galouïne Auberge et Restaurant*
  • Le Roupillon (B&B)
  • Maison Clauphi
  • Marina de Tadoussac*
  • Motel Chantmartin*
  • Motel de l'Anse à l'Eau*

* Accommodations marked with * sell Discover Tadoussac inspiration booklets 

TO ALL people interested in buying one.

Other accommodations only sell them to their guests staying with them.



the digital inspiration booklet

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* GST and QST included.

Pay now and claim your inspiration booklet at the Maison du Tourisme de Tadoussac upon presentation of your sales receipt.

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